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St Martins Isles of Scilly Watercolour Video Tutorial — 3 Comments

  1. Lovely painting, Patrick. I looked up St Martins Isles of Scilly on the Internet and it sure is a beautiful place. I so enjoy watching you paint… its like a meditation for me. When I just can’t stand watching anymore TV, what with all the craziness going on these days, its so refreshing to log into your website and watch you paint. Am hoping to participate in the 30-day, half-hour painting challenge starting in January… not sure yet what I’ll focus on, but probably trees. I have the hardest time with those, getting them to look realistic and not like green lollipops. I think I probably need to get a good rigger brush too, which no doubt will help a lot, because for the branches, I’ve been using a dark watercolor pencil, and the effect is not at all what I’d like. Hopefully, I can figure out how to post my painting attempts on the website, as I’m very techy challenged to say the least. Anyway, just want you to know I am enjoying your website very much, and learning new things each time I log on. Naneen

    • Hi Mandy on any new videos I will endeavour to do my best to make sure I note down which colours I use. Usually mention while painting what colours I’m using. As for the existing videos I cant see me having the time to go through them all at this stage. If your unsure feel free to ask in the forum I can answer specific queries there.


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