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Watercolour painting in Vietnam – My painting setup — 6 Comments

  1. Very interesting Patrick, nice to see your tripod and it has given me an idea to make an easel similar to yours. Also love the hat! On a plus side when you return, keep the hat in good condition and I’m sure Worcestershire County Cricket will give you a job Umpiring! Or failing that there is always the fish counter at morrisons 😉

    • Thanks Martin. The tripod works really well and is light weight not the lightest but very portable. Hahnal Triad Compact C5

      I new I could rely on your for the hat jokes you ever fail to disappoint 🙂 I have always fancied being a butcher! It’s 5am here I’ve not be last few nights have ben sleeping the last few nights. Just sitting in the lounge sipping Tea Pigs Peppermint tea, you were right it’s delicious. Catch you later 🙂


  2. So exciting, I can’t even imagine going on a trip like that. I’m always interested in what/how people take their supplies. Trying different ideas, but I still take more than i need.

    • I think I have over packed to Shirley I can’t help myself. The idea of getting there and not having what I need is a nightmare. I’ll know more later today, as today will be my trial pack to see the total load. Should be interesting!!
      Thanks for commenting.


  3. Thanks Patrick..learning a lot! Have you discussed painting large expanses of grass. I live in a “salad bowl” type of place..green meadows can fill half or more of a painting. Green is a tough watercolor. Mixing with blues get opaqueish. Help!

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