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Watercolour Painting Holiday In Vietnam — 15 Comments

    • Thank you for your comment. I think as I settle into the place my paintings will get better. At first they could be a bit shaky due to the different environment. Either way its going to be lots of fun!


    • Thanks Tina, its going to be quite an experience. From what I have seen on the internet Vietnam is going to present so many painting opportunities 🙂 Thanks for your comment.


  1. Enjoy the whole experience Patrick, Vietnam is amazing (as you know my daughter has just done the SE Asia trip and was awestruck by the beauty she found there) it will be like a painters paradise, drink it all in and pour it into your paintings as I know you will. Look forward to all your postings and wish you a safe and outstanding journey (i really am envious?) Best wishes


    • Thanks Annette. Yes your daughter has and I congratulate her on her writing skills she has a real talent for writing.

      The trip is going to be great, painting, sight seeing, food. I think it will be a steep learning curve when i arrive. Painting on location will throw up some issues, heat, humidity, people! and not to mention keeping an eye on belongings while being engrossed in painting. I hope my videos will be interesting, I know I love watching youtube videos of others doing similar things. Thanks agian.


    • Thanks Carol, the idea is to do a continuous vlog/blog of my trip to include watercolour painting wherever possible, food and any interesting places I come across. Should be lots of fun 🙂

  2. You will really enjoy Vietnam. Travelled the same route some 7 years ago.
    Very friendly people with a great sense of humour, very honest always gear to help. Met a Vietnamese student on the plane out of Heathrow and before we got to Hanoi he had arranged for us to join his family on the the trip in from the airport and took us a impromptu tout of the city.
    Haylong Bay fantastic needs a week if your painting. Do catch the overnight train from Hanoi south. An experience not to be missed.
    All the best for your trip. I will follow your blog.

    • Hi Steve thank you very much for your encouraging comment. Im looking forward to this trip so much not only the painting but also the food and culture too. Do you mean catch the overnight train from Hanoi to Haylong Bay? What method of transport did you use to go south towards Saigon? I hope some of my videos can help re-kindle some happy memories for you. 🙂

  3. Hi Parick

    We did Vietnam Cambodia and and Thailand (a bit). My favourite place of the whole trip was Hanoi. Reminded me of Cheltenham.
    You must look out for the Communist wall art in Hanoi. Actually you can’t miss it.
    Probably bus to Haylong Bay. Train South towards Saigon. No one in Saigon calls it Ho Chi Minh,
    We went for a month as a small group with Intrepid. You can’t do everything so it’s choices. We missed out the highlands.
    So overnight train to Hue. You can look in guide books for history but would highly recommend the all day motorcycle tour. You go pillion on the back of a motorcycle and get to see places the general tourists don’t get to. Ask around, to find place to book. Tuk Tuk guys will know. In fact get to select a good Tuk Tuk guy and he will be there as if by magic every time you need him. All the guys seem to know that you are then his customer. This can then be your rout to get the interesting places. Very cheap.
    Bus over the mountains to Da Nang, fantastic beaches and the place to hire a bicycle.
    On to Hoi An fantastic old town, painters delight and the place to get measured for new clothes with the overnight tailors. Unbelievable, I got a pair of shoes, the guy drew around my feet on a piece of paper. Ready in the morning, so good I had another pair in brown.
    Back on the train if memory serves my right to Nha Trang more fantastic beaches and then on to Saigon. Big American influence and not so cultured as Hanoi.
    Hope this is helpful and not to much of a ramble. I wish I was coming with you, it’s stirred up memories of a happy month in Indo China.
    My only regret is we didn’t go on to Laos and Vientiane and do the complete Triangle.
    I am just building my own site for my photography, adventures and travel if you are interested. It will be at stevefreestone.co.uk as of middle of next week. I will put some pictures on there of my travels in Indo China.
    If you would like some more thought and tips let my know.
    Happy travels

    • Hi Steve thank you for all the information and encouragement . I hope you have managed to see some of my videos of the trip. It was a steep learning curve from day one. Painting plein air in Vietnam is completely different to doing the same in the uk at times it was a struggle. The heat, traffic and constant inquisitive people made it very hard to concentrate.I have learnt so much and I’m now working towards doing another trip at the end of the year this time being more prepared!!! thank you again for all the tips and information you passed onto me I am very greatful.


  4. Oh my I am behind with your travels. I only noticed your current posting that I replied to. So ignore my questions of how long you would be gone….wow that’s a really long fantastic trip you are on. How exciting is that!!!!! Cheers, Wanda

    • I Wanda I am back a bit earlier than expected but all is fine and I had a great trip. I hope your painting is progressing well look forward to seeing some of your work in the forum soon.


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