The January Challenge.



When you make your new years resolutions this year be sure to make one of them ” I must participate in Challenges “. Because in January we will be starting 2018 off with a Bang!!! As we present to you the 15 minute Time Trial Challenge.

What is it?


The 15 minute time trial challenge will be a challenge that runs everyday for two weeks. The aim of this challenge is to give your sketching skills a work out.

As the name of the challenge suggests, each painting will need to be timed and completed in 15 Minutes. Before you all panic and say that its impossible, the subjects for the challenge will be simple by design. For example: Day One maybe Paint a Tree or Trees.


What Can I Learn from this?


We all tend to take our time when painting to ensure we get things just right, painting to a time limit will help you to loosen up your painting style and will remove the tendency to “fiddle” with your painting. It will also be good practice as a general sketching workout, which will hopefully transfer to your normal style of painting after the challenge.



What if I miss a day from the challenge?


You will be taken out side and shot!! Only joking of course, as with all the challenges we don’t expect people to complete the challenge everyday. That is an impossibility in todays hectic lifestyles, but it is of far greater importance to us that you take part, even if you can only manage one or two days challenges.


So add this date to your diary Monday 1st January 2018 –  Please join in the fun.