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Studio Light Set Up For Watercolour Painting and Videoing — 7 Comments

  1. Hi Patricia. I’ve added a link in the description. It will take you directly to the lights I purchased. Will be in contact soon in reply to your email 🙂


    • Hi Patrick,
      Sorry I missed the link the first time. Duh! This are no longer listed on Amazon and I’ve looked high and low here and not even major photo stores in Toronto carry them. Everyone seems to be into LED lights and they are not very bright.
      I don’t have the landlord’s permission to attach anything to the ceiling so the search continues.
      By the way, I can find no set here cheaper than $350 dollars.

  2. I could really do with something like that. I have a tiny apartment with only a small north facing window and as its ground floor and close to a road, I have to have blinds drawn all the time. I only get enough light to paint comfortably during the summer months and a few hours a day in winter. I struggle painting under house lights as everything seems to come out too blue when you look at it after in the daylight. I have looked at Daylight ™ Angle poise and stand lamps but they are way out of my budget – These seem ideal for me, I think they are called ‘softboxes’ …but I never thought of using one of these as a work light. Thanks Patrick !

    • I highly recommend them, Pete. I have tried all the same things you listed with very little success, then I found softbox lights and everything has become so much easier. I can paint day or night, with a consistent light source. Just fantastic. If you need any further info don’t hesitate to get back in touch.


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