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Portloe Cornwall Watercolour Tutorial — 6 Comments

    • Thanks Barbara, Portloe is one of my most favourite places to visit in Cornwall. I hope you have success with your painting of the scene.


  1. Just discovered one of your videos on YouTube while searching how to frame watercolor paintings. I followed you to “purewatercolour.com.” I watched the entire tutorial video of Portloe Cornwall & it was awesome! I loved being able to watch the whole process. Most tutorials speed up the process to the point that the lesson/s is/are lost. Being entirely self-taught when it comes to watercolors, I appreciate this lesson with all my heart. Thank you, thank you so much.
    I feel I have almost mastered acrylics and colored pencil, & have been focused on watercolors. I am finding watercolor painting to be very challenging, but amazingly fun. I have been trying to get into juried art exhibits; however, I have had no success in this area. I may, at some point, submit a painting or 2 for your feedback or feedback from the art community on this site (if that’s possible). I need to take that step of sharing the work with the art world, which is scary & exciting.
    Anyway, I wanted to say thank you & I appreciated you NOT fast forwarding your tutorial. I got more out of this tutorial than any other (and I have seen hundreds at this point). Thank You, Sue Weber

    • Thanks for the message of support Sue, I will forward your thanks onto Patrick and show him this message. With regards to sharing your work via the forum, we are a friendly bunch who will help you in any way we can. Why not write a small intro in the INTRODUCE YOURSELF category within the forums, this is a nice way to get to know people before taking the next step of sharing your work. Best wishes!

  2. Enjoyed the tutorial video very much, thanks. I live in NewZealand on the Westcoast of the beautiful South Island, rugged, wild Tasman ocean, iconic nikau palms and native bush, have been painting for a few years now, mostly watercolour sometimes oils, so thanks for letting me join your shared web site, I look forward to participate, cheers Grant Hudson

    • Hi Grant thanks for your message. Your location sounds amazing. Not quite like that here in Worcester. I look forward to seeing your paintings in the forum soon.

      Best wishes


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