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  1. I just found your website today and I really enjoyed seeing your video’s on YT. I hope I get the chance to take your free course. I have done a great deal of pencil drawings, you can see them on my facebook page. Louise Padin. I also do leatherwork and basket weaving and was told not to learn watercolor painting because I couldn’t do it by a local artist and now I’m determined. She had never even seen anything I had done in pencil or paint when she said it. I really like your calm way of teaching on your YT channel and the outcome of your paintings are very much like how I’d like to paint. Thank you for your time and I look forward to your next video.

    • Hi Louis, I’ll be really pleased to have you along on my free watercolour beginners course. My philosophy on painting is to relax and enjoy the experience and not to get hung up on rules. We will be learning basic on colour theory, simple landscapes, boats and buildings. You’ll be painting successful watercolours in no time. I have just checked out your drawings on FB there excellent. I particularly like the dog and tree. You obviously have artistic ability. I will be in touch again soon with a final start date in the next couple of weeks.


  2. Hi Patrick! Like the other poster Louise, I too just came across your YT channel!
    I really like your relaxed and mellow approach to explaining to the viewer your techniques. But what I really enjoy are some of your comments and straight forward realizations of your work…I have actually laughed out loud because you took me off guard with some of them!! I am a beginner watercolor painter and have always been fascinated by it. I am somewhat intimidated by the sketching part tho. I’m afraid I won’t
    Be able to accomplish that part… But I will carry on anyway!! I also wanted to say I read your bio and read that you cook, and thought I would share with you that my youngest sons name is Patrick and my older son is a professional chef and I to was born in 1961!
    Well, I am looking forward to your courses Patrick!!
    Take Care,

    • Hi Kathy, communicating this through my mobile so please excuse the typos! Thank you for your message and for signing up to the free watercolour beginners course, it’s good to have you along. I enjoy making the videos I find it keeps me focused when painting and I try to share my thoughts about the paintings honestly as they develop as if there was no camera. Don’t worry about the drawing side of things we can still produce a good painting by clean simple colour mixes and getting the correct tone. Watercolour painting doesn’t have to be daunting it’s all about enjoyment, relaxing and having fun. There’s a few coincidences regarding you and your family and me, so I’m guessing finding my course was meant to be! Have a great day, I’ll be in touch soon with updated information on a start date and specific course info.

      All the best


      • In response to Kathy, Hi Kathy, I thought you might like to reference drawing in youtube or better still in Udemy. There are several drawing courses that make extreme demands on your hand and pencil. This enforced practise brings to the forefront your limitations and eradicates them aggressively because you will draw, draw and draw some more. They evaluate your progress and your confidence will soar, my advice to you is: keep it up long after the class is outdated and unviewable because you do lose over time . Just a thought you may try out. Thanks for your time.

  3. I am so glad to be back in as a free member and looking forward to continuing. I love watching you paint as it relaxes me. However, I still need to learn to relax when I paint myself. I know I’ve been learning lots and you are stretching me. Sometimes I can’t locate the photo you are working from and then I find it hard to understand the drawing before you start. Is there a special place to go to find the photo that you are working from?

    • Hi gerry I will upload in the morning, sorry got behind today.have you checked out the videos in the members area yet? In the morning the ref pics will be under online watercolour workshop >reference images. Come and introduce yourself in the forum looking forward to seeing your work.


    • Good to have you on-board if yo have time check out the forum and introduce yourself let others know what you do/experience etc.

      Look forward to seeing your work in due course


    • Hi Paula, thank you for your message I’m pleased your getting some value from the videos more will be added over the comming weeks..

      If you have time drop by the forum and introduce yourself. Feel free to upload your paintings for critiquing by myself and others..


    • Hi Bill, thanks for your message, you’ve hit the nail on the head practice., practice, practice and it will then click into place. Any problems drop into the forum and ask any questions you may have. Myself or another member artist will be along to help you out.


  4. Hello just found some of your You tube teachings. WOW they moved my soul. I had a tole painting teacher who said find someone who you love there work and learn from them. I am going to paint some of your pictures along with you. I just love them and hope I can learn how to. I Keep tending to want to paint like you would in oil or acrylic. But i will keep trying.. Wish me luck

    • Hi Georgia thank you for your comments. Of course you can paint like me and in time maybe a lot better! I really believe painting comes from inside and ounce you have gained a little bit of knowledge in colour mixing, tone and value you can achieve anything. When you have time introduce yourself in the forum and share some of your work it would be good to see. Remember acrylics can be used like watercolours too 🙂

    • hi brian click on the image directly under the picture then you have the reference picture.

      Hope that helps. you will get a quicker response if you ask your questions in the forum.

      Many thanks


  5. Hi Patrick. Thank you for the very inspirational and at the same time the simple method of painting water colours that you teach in your videos. I am a beginner in water colour, though I have taken a course in Oils and Acrylic painting. I still find it hard to leave things alone on the paper, and fiddle with the colours, and then mess up things. One thing I would like to ask you is about the colour intensity in the palette. I either get it too watery or too thick. Could you please make a video showing how thick or thin the paint should be? and how to get the right consistency. Thanks a lot in advance. Bye..

    • Hi Panth. Its not easy to make a video showing the consistency of paint because the change is quite subtle visually but a very necessary skill to learn. I will make a video demonstrating how to lay thicker paints into wet washes. Hopefully this will be be of some use to you.


  6. I’m very pleased I found this site. I am a self taught artist and always looking for different ideas and technique. Can’t wait to dive into this site and watch some videos !

    Thank you for all the free information.

    • Hi Nancy thank you for your comment. If you have any questions regarding videos or techniques please drop by our forum and chat room we are happy to share tips and tricks to get you off to a flying start.


  7. Thank you for accepting me as a member Patrick .I have been watching ur videos Son YouTube and have subscribed to ur channel a about a month back as I enjoy ur tutorials .I am a beginner so they are really helpful .Thank you

    • Your welcome. If you have time come by the forum and upload some of your work we have lots of member artists sharing and discussing there work in the forum. It would be good to see you there 🙂


  8. I am watching and enjoying everything here.
    Thank You Patrick…and everyone here who send in your watercolors.
    I have changed my mind since I last took a watercolor class(nearly 15 years ago)…I was so horribly stiff!!…I am getting a yum feeling as I am loosening up.Here and there I see in my paintings, a spot that looks/feels good to me.I LOVE that I am a beginner, again…this time with a attitude that allows me to mess up and not give up!!


    • Hi Leslie thanks for your message I’m pleased your enjoying the site and getting into the swing of painting loose again. You have adopted the right attitude by not being afraid of failure just paint and have fun that way you will start to reach your potential sooner. Thank you for your donation to the site its much appreciated. Your donation will help us build bigger better site with more resources for watercolour painters. Look forward to seeing your work in the forum.

      Kind Regards


  9. Yaaaay! I’m super happy to have joined in on the fun. I’ve been looking for someone to remind me to loosen up with my watercolor painting, and I believe I found just the right person. I’ve recently dedicated my days to learning and improving for years to come. Thanks for helping me in the process!

  10. Don’t really know why it’s taken me this long to sign up but hey Ho. I’ve been watching your YouTube vids for sometime now and find them very helpful. I really like your style and the way you tutor, it’s certainly boosted my confidence! Thankyou Patrick

  11. Hi Patrick! I have really enjoyed your YouTube videos and learnt so much painting along. I really like way you teach in a very relaxed way :). Thank you very much for sharing generously and helping people like me to learn to paint. The beginner website especially is very helpful to me. Very glad to have come across your website 🙂 Thanks a lot again.

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