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Mountain Fall – Watercolour Tutorial — 2 Comments

  1. Patrick, I am so happy that you took on this project in order to provide me help. I had become so frustrated.

    Today I watched your Mountain Fall video and enjoyed the lessons you taught. You’ve painted a beautiful fall colored mountain scene. In my search for examples on how to paint this reference, I have noticed that not many watercolor artist take on the challenge to paint fall colored birch trees, but you did. Here in the west we call them aspen trees, or simply quakes or quakies. A forest covering a high ridge are the same tree. In fact, they are one of the largest living organism on earth. Each trunk in a forest shares the same root system; so they are one living thing.

    Painting this reference photo was very difficult for me and you made it look easy. I know looks can be deceiving, but your talents and skills make it seem that way. You have marked a clear path for me to follow. You were so kind to do this for me. I appreciate your investment of your time and talents in this.

    You stated in the video how you have repainted some scenes many times. They all can be learning experiences. I will use my repaints of this mountain scene like landmarks placed in time so I can judge if I have made improvements. Hopefully, and with the help you have given me today, I will improve in my paintings.

    I’ll be back here again with another painting of this Sunrise on Mount Sneffels. Isn’t it a magnificent peak in the San Juan Mountains of southwest Colorado?

    I am excited to view other artists here with their versions of this peak. Those paintings will be more examples for me to learn from. I am expecting great lessons from your members here.

    Thanks again.

  2. Thanks, Howard it was a pleasure, thoroughly enjoyed painting the scene myself. I look forward to your upcoming paintings. I agree seeing and learning from what others do is a great way to improve your watercolor technique. I hope a few give it a try as so much can be learned from painting that scene. Thanks again, Howard. 🙂


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