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  • Engaging painting, Johan. Great rendering of Patrick’s exercise. Love how your perspective in the painting walks the viewer down the street and I like your use shadow on the buildings.


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    Hi Kate,

    Welcome to the forum – hope you enjoy your time here. So many great things on the site to explore – love the video section.


  • Patrick, well said – thanks. I’m all for stretching myself – I’ll have a think about it after Thanksgiving is over (tomorrow). My expectations were always very high where my painting was concerned. I’m hoping to let go of that a bit. Starting back after such a long hiatus is really an opportunity to see it all anew. Release some of the “drive &…[Read more]

  • Thanks,  Patrick. Other people collect Hummels, I collect pics of clouds and rocks. I’m happy to share more pics.

    Not really sure what I’m going to do for the challenge. After such a long time not painting, I’m apprehensive about everything! I can certainly relate to how you feel about your portraits. I’ve been thinking my challenge might just…[Read more]

  • Hi Martin,

    This place has the best “cloud studies” of any place I’ve lived. I have taken so many pics of clouds (and rocks) I’ve since I moved here. We get unusual clouds here – cloud formations I’ve never seen anywhere else. This spot is the crux of 3 weather paths and it produces amazing clouds and sunsets. New Mexico also had beautiful skies -…[Read more]

  • Hi Patrick

    TY for the welcome, Patrick. Have to say right off, I think your videos are terrific. You are a great teacher and a generous soul to share them with us. Haven’t quite got all the nuances of the site just yet, though. I am both excited and apprehensive about the Watercolour Challenge – haven’t picked up a brush in 5 years! Painting…[Read more]

  • Thanks for the welcome, Martin. At present, I’m blessed to live in mountains of California after 20 years in New Mexico. Plenty of painting inspiration here. Having the home re-roofed currently because El Nino is coming (the pounding is doing my head in!), so no painting at present. . . Looking forward to joining in the community when I get…[Read more]

  • I decided to join Pure Watercolour after seeing some of Patrick’s online videos. I have been painting since childhood – my first love has always been watercolour. Although mostly self taught, I have been fortunate to attend a number of classes with some amazing artists who were great teachers. I used to plein air paint once or twice a month with a…[Read more]

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