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    I commented in the wrong area but wanted to say thanks to everyone for such a warm and friendly welcome! I went on and on but if you want, you can read it below… 😀 Happy painting! Christine

  • I would like to thank everyone who sent me such warm welcomes and great advise! I am going through the beginners area and have been thrilled with it! I get so involved in watching it that I forget about everything else… Patrick makes painting look so easy and his tone is so relaxing. I really think his approach helps and he makes it very easy to…[Read more]

  • Hi,
    My name is Christine and I’m so excited to have discovered Patrick’s you tubes and website! I’ve always wanted to paint but never had the nerve UNTIL I saw Patrick’s videos! I’m feeling confident enough that I ordered supplies and messed around with 3 colors of paint. My grand daughter is giving it a go as well! My problem is the drawing. I…[Read more]

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