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Megavissey Watercolour Demonstration. Paint Loose And Free. — 8 Comments

  1. Patrick, the artworld of the amateur watercolourist has been a poorer place in your absence, so I am sure that I am not alone in saying ‘Thank goodness you are back’, hopefully with all the past problems of the website resolved and consigned to history. The more you enjoy your return to painting, the more we will too. All the best, Paul.

    • Hi Paul sorry for the late reply. Thank you very much for your comment, I appreciate it very much. I’m looking forward to developing my painting and sharing it with others over the coming months. I am very happy with the way my work is progressing so far after my break.

      All the best

  2. I’m so happy you’re back! I really loved the video, I needed that relaxation of watching you paint and listening to you! I keep trying to figure out the name of the Chinese goat hair paint brush you use! I seriously need one! Can you give use the name? I know you said you got it on amazon… I loved the light airy style you were painting. One of the things that always amazed me about you was how you draw so freely! I can’t draw very well so to watch you is very inspiring! When I got the you tube alert it made my day! You inspire so many people I hope you are planning on returning to the videos. Can’t wait to see what’s next. Plz let me know about that paint brush. 😃 Christine

    • Hi Christine thank you for your message. I hope all is well with you and your painting is bringing you happiness. Regarding the brush I’ve been searching Amazon for the identical brush over the last week with little luck. As soon as I locate a suppler I will post a link to let you know. I will be making more videos over the coming weeks so keep an eye out here or on youtube.

      Best Wishes


  3. Great to have you back painting on utube.
    I especially enjoyed watching you paint Mevagissey Harbour.
    A sunny colourful beach scene with ” Boats ” anchored showing water reflections!
    Is this one for sale?
    I use Windsor & Newton artist quality tubes and will try Cotman watercolours when I need replacements.
    I too love my goat hair brush!
    Always an inspiration to watch your simple watercolour paintings Patrick, thankyou.

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