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Improve Your Watercolour Painting, Free Tuitional Videos 100% Free Membership — 14 Comments

  1. Hi Patrick, first post for me, really enjoy your laid back style of delivery in your vidios you put things over so well. Looks to be quite a difficult painting to do, you made it seem fairly easy, I’d have problems with the sea & grass in the for ground. Anyway really appreciate you spending so much of your own time making these videos, for the benefit of others.

    • Thanks Martyn for your message. I am pleased your getting some use out of the videos. Keep visiting the site as there will be many more videos in the future.


  2. Hi Patrick
    I can not login to my account, I tried so many times, and when i try to apply a new account, it’s says the email address is already taken, so what should i do now?
    please help me sort it out, because i like to study with your video and i also want to upload my work to the website.
    Thank you!

    p.s.the user name is my email

    • Hi Mandy I have searched our database for your email address “[email protected]” and I am unable to find any registration using that email. Have you posted in the forum previously? If so I can possibly trace you that way.


      • Hi Patrick
        Thank you very much for the help.
        I am not sure what going on with the other email address bucause the system just recognize it as been taken and refuse the sign in, I used a different email and it works ok, I can login and watch video now 🙂

  3. Hi Patrick ,
    Love your work. The way you explain your techniques in easy to understand language gives me more confidence to dabble in watercolours.
    Cheers Brian.

  4. Hi Patrick,

    I started painting (in oil) about 40 years ago. Then tried acryllics which are less toxic than the oils. But I missed the fluidity of oil painting, so then started using water soluable oils. When I retired I moved to Tucson, Arizona area and soon joined a wonderful art league in Green Valley, AZ, where I feel my painting skills “took off”. With a wonderful studio available to our league members, I spent 3 or 4 days a week painting there. Artists at all skill levels were members. I cannot emphasize enough how important it is to find a group to paint with. I think what impresses me most about most artists is their willingness to share their knowledge, time, and skills with others who are beginning their wonderful journey in art.

    I always wished I could paint, but my drawing skills were (and still are) non-existent. When a co-workers aunt was teahing a group in her basement, she brought in her first painting to show us. She was also deficient in drawing skills, but I was amazed at what she had done. Soooooo. I joined the group. That was the beginning of my passion for painting. And that passion continues strong even now–40 years later. I have taken many workshops from various artists. But I feel I learned more from our weekly critiques in our studio than any workshops I have paid good money for.

    Although I have sold some of my paintings, my passion for panting drives me more than anything.

    Now for the sad part. For health reasons, I have moved to be close to family. My new home is conisiderably smaller than my Arizona home, with not all that much room to paint, not to mention room to store all my paintings–probably over 100. My nickname at the studio was The One a Day painter). So–I decided to try my hand at watercolor painting. It is coming along surprizingly well I think. I discovered your web site, and you have helped me along this new journey. For that I thank you! I’m finding the challenge stimulating and am anxious to learn all I can. I paint almost every day, which I feel is one of the secrets for improving. Now if you could only tell me how to post pictures from my iPhone onto your website I would be happy to share some of my work with all. Thanks once more for sharing. Betty

    • HI Betty Thanks for your interesting and informative message. Personally I don’t think great drawing skills are necessary to paint a successful watercolour. Some of my video demonstrations prove that as I use no pencil lines at all before painting. The best way I can help you with uploading work to the site is., if you drop by our forum and either and in the chat room you can speak to myself or Martin and we will do our best to help you out. In the mean time keep painting 🙂


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