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  1. I have been teaching myself to draw and paint in watercolor and I find your painting demos extremely helpful. I have watched hundreds of demos and ordered dvd’s, and books and have learned more from you than anyone. I love that you either post and explain what colors you are using and what colors you have mixed. The sketches are also VERY helpful for me as a beginner.I would love it if you did a sketch demo. Also,I would ignore any negative comments ,because you are a wonderful teacher. My son and daughter-in-law are both fine art teachers at an art college here in Florida. You teach in a similar fashion.They are loved by the students. So, not only are you wonderful artist you are a wonderful teacher. Thank you so much for sharing your talent.

  2. Hi, Patrick,
    My wife and I just discovered the wealth of videos that you have so generously made available to us. We both have painted for many years but neither of us has managed to put together the habit of painting regularly; except for rare occasions, we haven’t attained much more than mediocre results. Your videos are paced so that we can soak in the reasons for your strokes. Also, your compositions are clear enough that we have a chance to consider them and perhaps absorb for a later time the way to improve our own.
    If it is something that appeals to you, I would appreciate some videos that demonstrate your approach to converting photographs into paintable compositions. This might include a discussion of what makes a scene a good subject and also the thinking behind the tonal sketch that supports the painting.


    • Hi Jack thanks for your message. I am pleased your getting something out of my videos on YouTube. The idea of doing a video about painting from photos is a good. I think a lot of people would benifit from a disscusion on compostion. It is now on my to do list thank you for sowing the seed. Please keep watching and feel free to comment here or on my facebook page

      Kind Regards


  3. Thank you Patrick for the videos you post. I find them very informative and helpful. It is really interesting to see how different people approach art. I have tried pastels, and acrylic and to some degree enjoy them as you can correct mistakes more easily, however my real love is watercolour. I love the freedom of the fluidity of the medium, and at times the results are suprising and amazing. Thank you once again and I look forward to seeing more of your work in the new year.

  4. Patrick, Ionly recently found you. Like a lot of your fans,i’ve bought books and videos but none have helped like your teachings. I can’t be thankful enough.

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