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Hand Painted Watercolour Greeting Cards Ideas — 6 Comments

  1. Your series on watercolor cards is fantastic. You are an excellent teacher and your work is amazing. In this particular video you mention the size of your card base as 210×115. Could you please tell me what size that is in inches?

    • Hi Georgia thank you for your positive comment. The blank card size I use 6″x 8.25″ and I get these from a company in the UK called craft creations. Hope thats of some help.


  2. Hi Patrick I particularly like this painting. Many thanks for being so generous with your time, your ideas and the amount of information you provide. You are inspirational and have shown me that I have to be more spontaneous and not to ‘fiddle’ about so much!

    • Thanks Adelaide for your comments. Are you a member of our Free members area, if your not think about joining lots more videos and a members only forum too where you can upload your work for critique by myself and other member artists.


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