Your Watercolour Paintings Window sketch with figures

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    I keep making these… Today I wanted to try out my new Posca white marker. It’s the first marker that I’ve found that is completely opaque white on first try. I use it for highlights and small corrections. And I also wanted to try doing a window scene with a figure. I’m fairly happy with the drawing part. It was quite the challenge with all the lines around the chairs and stuff, though I did make a few mistakes. But I’m not sure I like the colour choices. I might  go back in and change them a bit.

    Next time I will make one with figures that has faces! 🙂 Wonder how long it will take until I am tired of this theme… Probably not too long! Also from a photo found online.

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    Lovely study, maybe adding a warmer yellow highlight on the shoulders to reflect light from the lighting above? Very nice though.

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    Agathe, you are on a roll with these window scenes; glad you will be doing more as I love them! I meant to say in my comment to your other post that I like how you did the outer edges of your sketch there and also in this makes the whole thing more interesting than an even, perfect edge all way round. In this one, it is amazing how the really dark black of the pen (if that’s what you used for the figure and the chairs)makes the sunlight pop on the chairs and their legs and on the table and walls beside table. You’ve drawn this so well, it would take me quite some time to draw those chairs even halfway correct. lol And your figure is great along with the highlights from your new pen. 😀

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    Thank you both of you!

    Brad, I’ll try to add yellow on top of the white to see how that effect works. Thanks for the tip!

    Lora, also it is just such a much faster way to draw case I can just leave out all the information in the shadows. I bet it would be very handy for when I’m sitting at a cafe to sketch, especially when sketching people, cause they rarely sit still for long! 🙂

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    Agathe,  that is just so lovely i may have it as my screen saver.  I just get drawn into it and its like i am the person sat there contemplating life.  Well done.

    Take time to look and make sure you see.

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    Thanks so much, Brad! And please to save the image if you please. 😉

    A couple of corrections: I see I said Brad earlier, I obviously meant Brian. Also, misspelled in the heading as there is a figure and not figures. 🙂 Sorry about that!

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