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    Wolfgang Fuchs
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    i just want paint something and this came out.
    i call it “walk”
    yesterday i buyed watercolorpens with an ink pen so i tried the inkpen vor the birds and the men.
    the size is DIN A5 sketchbook 185 gr/m² .
    greetings wolfgang.

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    This is a lovely piece of art, Wolfgang. I really like the intermix of colours and the pen work is most impressive.

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    Love the simplicity of this painting Wolfgang. Great stuff!

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    Wolfgang Fuchs
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    when you know what you like to paint its easy.
    first wash wet in wet with the blue for the sky, green for the trees and raw sienna and burned sienna.
    then i added pure yellow and different greens in the wet part of the tree area and also by the ground.
    after that when it was dry, i insert with the rigger the trees and also some yellow dots as blossoms or leafs.
    then i painted with ink the person, i started with the ground form “carrot ” how it is shown in a frank clark video by youtube, that is really an easy way to draw people.
    greetings wolfgang.

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    Very Good! Are you enjoying watercolor painting journey so far? From what I see, it appears you are.

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    Wolfgang Fuchs
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    robert i like to see my pics in the louvre but it needs much time and practise hahahahahaha.
    well watercolor is a really great thing to do and when you have understand the simple things by drawing it becomes better and better.
    in the moment i struggle by perspective, for the picture wineglass, bottle and cheese i make 3 different sketches.
    when i wanted to bring them together i found out the glass and the bottle is frontview and the chees ( i made an triangel piece) the view was light from the top.
    together it dont look well so i stop this projekt.

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    Andy Peters

    What a lovely simple but effective painting Wolfgang, I love it.
    Well done.


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    Lovely painting. Very attractive colours and interesting to look at.

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