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    Wolfgang Fuchs
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    Hello watercolorfriends,
    i have try same motive by different paper.
    the left side picture is 300gr HP the right side is 300gr matt both from Hahnemühle.
    in real the colors a bit darker as at the foto.
    the right paper i also has streched with waterglue tape thats why it is smaller after cut it of from the paint board.
    for me i like the right one mor because it looks like from a comic book of the prince vailant story 🙂
    greetings wolfgang.

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    Tina Sei.
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    Very nice trials. The right one has stronger colours, so it has more impact. But thwy are both nice.
    How did the different papers feel when painting?

    Don't worry about failures, worry about the chances you miss when you don't even try. (J. Canfield)

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    Wolfgang Fuchs
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    well Tina the hotpressed paper dont drink so much water so i must be more carefull when i wet the parts where i like to paint.
    i think when you make accurate pictures from plants or animals the hot pressed is exellent for it.

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    I’m glad you are trying different papers.. I like the right painting also.. It has more tonal value, depth, and interest.. You’re doing great, keep it up!

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    Patricia L
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    I prefer the one on the right also. Without the land mass behind the boat the feeling of being on open sea is really there. There is much more energy in the water in this one. They are both well done ( in my humble opinion!), but for me the second one really capture a Viking feel.

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    Both very nice paintings. I especially like the way you painted the sea on the one on the right.

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