Your Watercolour Paintings Two Landscapes Attempts

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    Howard W
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    The references I used for these paintings came from two artists: Glen Knowles and Julie Gilbert Pollard.  I found my reference images with a simple search on the Internet. I could not find the artist’s names for these paintings so I have given my paintings simple names. Both of these artists paint many southwest desert scenes. Julie lives in Arizona and I believe Glen lives in southern California.


    I chose a desert painting by Glen Knowles for my first painting.
    For this desert landscape, I used Arches hot press, 140-pound watercolor paper.  This paper has a very smooth surface.  Patrick recommended that I try it. He thought my painting style would benefit from using this paper.  So, this is my first “go” at painting a landscape with hot press paper.  I had half of a pad of 20 sheets left over from when I began painting with watercolors a year ago.  In my beginnings, I took lessons from a book written by a botanical artist. I believe I painted her flowers well, but I felt stymied with her very methodical thin light layered technique. Even the brushes I bought were unique and customed for her painting style. Maybe I should have stuck with her methods, but I wanted to learn how to loosen up in my watercolor paintings.  Anyway, I am now logged onto this website and I am enjoying my learning experiences.
    I will need to paint more landscape scenes on hot press paper before forming my opinion of how much or how well it’s benefiting my painting.
    I liked a small stream or creek scene painted by Julie Gilbert Pollard for my second painting. I own one of Julie’s books: “Watercolor Unleashed”. She explains in her book that she has no reservation in mixing mediums in her art. I haven’t done that with this painting.  Maybe that is why I cannot duplicate her style; especially with the unique brushstrokes or marks, she gets in her yellow foliage.
    I am trying to learn how to paint rocks better. That was one of the reasons I chose this image to paint. This painting is an improvement over my previous attempts at painting rocks.  I won’t paint this scene again, but there are other exercises in Julie’s book that are similar to this one. I am hoping that Julie’s book will help me in my quest.
    I used 140 lb, cold press Canson Plein Air watercolor pad paper.
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    I love your color choices! Both of these are really lovely and the little touches of whites in both are very effective. I’ve never thought about using those pinkish colors, but it works really well, and I’ll make a mental note of that. Can I ask what color you used for the pink or magenta or what it is? 🙂

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    Howard you’ve got 2 excellent paintings. I’m a big desert fan and you painted it to perfection!Super colorful. I like that!

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    <span style=”font-size: 1em;”>I’m sorry you are not going to the first again because i would suggest making the distant mountains lighter and grayer. Maybe even a light purple like mauve. The foreground greens are very good. I have some succulents and they are a light grayish green color but the foreground should be dark like you’ve done,</span>

    i try to use three values for rocks so might add some darker crevices here and there in the mountans.

    The second painting is just perfect. It’s loose and cheerful. Great colors.

    As for brushes. I have recently added a no. 6 squirrel mop. I lve it for washes and actually have a very small one that can do fine detail.  I saw Patrick using a Chinese brush and got a few of those but I bought three for $3 on line and they didn’t work out. The hair is too coarse and the brush doesn’t bounce back to a point like the quirrel mop.


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    These are wonderful, Howard! I love your color choices also. Your mountains are a beautiful rainbow of color with a nice break in the foreground with a bit more earthy tones. The second painting is excellent. Love the array of color in the foliage, and the movement in the water. The splatter is a nice touch too.

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    Howard W
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    Thank you all for your kind comments and critiques.  The flowing water scene with rocks was difficult for me.  David, I appreciate your advice.  I really need to improve the rocks I am painting.  I am going to select another painting of a river or creek scene with rocks; just not the same one I have already submitted. I am hoping that will be a good and successful exercise for me.

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    Wow, Howard, you are really loosening up on your watercolor style! These are just beautiful and I love the colors in both! Both of these are a huge success! 😀

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