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    I did this mostly with my 2 mops – No 6 and No. 000.  I made the mast too wide and probably should have made the sailboat a little grayer on the left.


    Does anyone else use mops?  I lose a few hairs  (on the larger one) every time I paint and I wonder how long it will last.

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    This is so pretty! I like how you changed some things to make it your own. The sky is marvelous and I like how you didn’t put a whole lot of detail in the grasses/foreground; it really helps lead the eye to the focal point- the boats, which are very well done. Hope you enjoyed painting this scene; I sure did although the boats took me forever to sketch. Oh and I like the colors you’ve used.

    Well done!

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    At the moment, I pretty much change what brushes I use daily – cant really figure out what I want to go with.

    I do sometimes use a size 4 squirrel mob for the first wash, and I do think this is going to be my preference (over a hake and a large chinese brush). About the hair – i think it does sometimes drop a hair, but the hake drops more. I also have a size 1 squirrel mob, dont think i’ve had any drop off if that.

    I like your painting (mast aside 🙂 ). The boats have very clear shapes, almost in sort of a stylized way, that makes them stand out alot. I think i’d have gone for more variation in hue on the greens in general and darker under the boat in the back, though the scratching also gives a nice effect.

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    Nice painting, David. Your boats have almost a 3 D effect. I agree that you could add a shadow on the left underside of the boat so it doesn’t appear to be sitting on top of the blades of grass. Beautiful sky–all in all a lovely painting in your own distinct style–and that’s a good thing 🙂

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    Excellent David you have a looser feel to your work in this painting. I love the two figures especially the one in green. It looks like the light is hitting the figure it really stands out and helps to take the viewers eye through the painting. I’ts great to see this photo of mine which i only took 10 days ago painted by everyone here

    Lovely work David thanks for sharing.


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