Your Watercolour Paintings Soft & Hard Edges

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    I watched a watercolour speed demo on YouTube yesterday and although it did not have any instruction on how the artist was doing this, I thought I’d try doing my own…mine is nowhere near as nice…came out a bit mushy looking, but I am pleased with what I did manage to do….probably just needed a bit more detail in it, but I like the softness of it.

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    Yes, very nice. And I agree about a little more detail taking care of the “mushyness.” on the shadow side of the flowers and the centers. Just lovely and great job with the hard and soft edges.

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    Brian S

    Lovely colours agree with RL maybe a bit more detail with some darks can be added . You have done a great job with the sort edges.

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    I love the mushiness!

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    Mushy looks to be a great effect you have developed, wet into wet painting can be a bit of a live life on the edge process as the results can be a little unpredictable. But I think you have done well, depending on the size your painting would look great as a card, or obviously framed.


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    Beautiful as is! I rather like the mushiness as well, if that’s what it is. 😉 Just a lovely effect!

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