Your Watercolour Paintings Same view, different paper

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    Last time I painted this view using hot pressed paper, this time it is Bockingford cold pressed The main difference I noticed was you get more time to flood new colours into the wash using the cold pressed paper. I experimented with the green yellow as a bright spot in the landscape and a hint in the reflection. I had some unfortunate bleeds from the top of the mountains because I was impatient and put the second wash on before the first had dried. Anyway it was a fun learning experience!

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    I think this is wonderful and something I personally should venture more into! The reflections are very well done, yet look very loose and like they just naturally happened. I also think the sky is beautiful, and a perfect balance between lights and darks throughout the painting. The splash of bright green gives the painting life and makes it extra special.

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    Howard W
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    Your experience in trying new paper will be helpful to me.

    I am about to venture into painting a landscape with hot press watercolour paper.  It has been a while since I painted on hot press paper.  That was back when I started painting over a year ago.  Then I was painting botanical flowers.  A totally different method of painting from what I am trying to do now in landscapes.  The instructor I was following then was using very light washes initially with all of her paintings.  It was a very incremental process.  A very unique method, I believe, from what most watercolour artists use in their paintings. What am I saying?  I really haven’t taken any other botanical painting course.  Maybe all botanical watercolour artists approach botanical paintings in this manner.  What I saw on the Internet is that many flower artists employ a very loose style with their art. I was amazed at the beauty of their art and enjoyed what they could paint.  Then I learned it is not as easy as it seemed.

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    Patricia L
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    I like this version as well. I especially like the sky.


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    Beautiful calming watercolor painting. Using colour wisely to create depth. Sky and reflections are gorgeous. Lovely piece of work.


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    Bob Hussey
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    I love this! Particularly the way you used color to give perspective to the landscape. And your reflections are great and your sky is really excellent.

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    I love everything about this!! I love the effects you’ve ended up with, even the bleeding, I think it looks great here in this painting. 😀 And the colors all look great together.

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