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    I have this nap with prussian blue paint. It is from the professional watercolour series of Winsor and Newton. This paint Will not come off the nap, it is like striking over plastic. So i schraped a bit off with my nail to see it it Will dissolve in water but it Will not. The pigment stays in small grains, it is hardly a paint. Do i just have a bad nap ? or is that always the case? Will a tube be different?


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    Wolfgang Fuchs
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    hi nike,
    i had have that problem yet but i think you better ask direktly by Winsor and Newton.
    because its not normal that the color will not flow when you put water on it.
    i guess there was some wrong by production.
    maybe they will send you some new nap of color.
    i had have an other problem by an manufakturer of cheap colors, there was an big air bubble between the color layers in the nap.
    greetings wolfgang.

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      Hi Wolfgang,

      thanks for your reply. Well here it is karneval so everything is closed. I spoke someone and he said that it might have been harded out wrong, that this is not okay. I will than try a new one.


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    Sorry for my ignorance, but I’m still trying to understand the use of the word “nap.”

    And I have no advice to offer–never used anything but tubes. But have had old pigment in the palette crumble and become granulated after adding water.

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    Hi Judy, oops “nap” is a dutch word! That is “pan”. But anyway my question had solved because i now see it is probabily a production failure. Thanks for replying!


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