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    I bought a never used set of Prang watercolors in a metal palette circa 1960 on Ebay. This is 50+ year old paints on 6×8 Bee cotton paper. Noodler’s Heart of Darkness ink and a Lamy Safari pen.


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    Very good! 50 year old paint! I can’t even imagine what the pigment has in it. Does it glow in the dark?

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    Brilliant! I have 5 yr. old Prang paints – really vibrant pigments! I love everything about this painting!

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    Wonderful work! The old paints still have it! i bought some 30 year old paints, Rowney, and they are as fresh as they would be today

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    Wow, so vibrant – Back when I was a kid growing up in the 60s U.K, the paint we had, totally sucked. You’d spend 10 min scrubbing your little brush in these gritty little tablets to be rewarded with some wishi-washi colour that resembled nothing in particular. They sucked the very life out of any morsel of creativity you may have had. I’ve heard that Prang were really good, I didn’t realise they had been around for so long.

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    Great painting! Love the combination of ink and the intense pigments. Great work.

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    Wolfgang Fuchs
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    the colors looks well for that age must be a good quallity i think.
    and again i found in my discounter a cheap paint set, at first i buy in december last year two 24 color set.
    the paint tube have only print the color an a number from 1 till 24.
    now they have a set with 12 colors only the color at the tube and numbers from 1 to 12.
    but the colors have now different numbers as at the set with 24 colors.
    so a beginner has no chance to figure out what colors are this.
    i found out by an test by my 24 color set i have cobaltblue, ultramarine, prussianblue and an other blue what i have not found out because i have no reference color yet from schminke or lukas.
    but i know allready there is so much filling stuff in the cheap colors.
    your prang colors must be a good stuff 🙂
    greetings wolfgang

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    This is really beautiful!

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    Nice job!

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