Anything Goes – Well Almost! Painter's block and remedies?

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    Having painter’s block is SO taxing… I suspect the basic undercurrent is an anxiety about something – don’t waste supplies, or can’t choose which one to paint,  or the “yeah, but” when you get halfway through a sketch and then see something else that grabs your attention and either seems “better than” what you started on, or maybe it makes it easier to avoid the possible disappointment if you were to continue on.

    I am not sure where it comes from, but Painter’s Block can certainly pack a wallop and make your brushes freeze in your hand.

    I just climbed out of a 2 month slump by doing some “experiments” – like trying to paint road side lilies in 10 minutes to see if I could just capture their movement in the wind.  The experiment started as 3 x3 (on a 9 x 12 sheet of paper) and is now taking on more character.  I think it will become a painting – way beyond the 10 minutes now!

    Feel free to share your experiences and how you dragged, catapulted, or goosed yourself into moving forward!

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    Hi Dee,

    After a long hiatus, I began painting again last May and haven’t been able to stop myself since! I know the reason is my participation here on PW. It started with the challenges and extends to Patreon demonstrations and all the other tutorials found on this site.

    In a few weeks, (finally) we will be traveling in our motorcoach, and I hope to find inspiration all around the country.

    Even with tons to do on this site and others, I imagine sometimes you just don’t feel like painting. If that happens, nothing much to be done except to go with it. Try to stay connected to the painting community and in time you’ll see something you just have to paint! 🙂

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    Hi Dee, I know this feeling all too well, it seems to come from nowhere and it can be all-consuming.  My personal remedy is to get my sketchbook out where I feel less inhibited to paint. I will also choose a scene I’m familiar with or I know will not present many problems for me to paint.  I will also spend time watching other artists on youtube, this can help quite a lot too to inspire me again. I made a video sometime back that touches on the subject of Artist Block it may help a little.

    Video Here




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