Your Watercolour Paintings My Dunnottar Castle attempt.

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    Had fun trying this today, but I did get a bit lost for a while with the cliffs. I kind of got it together on the right hand side but it fell apart towards the left, and I somehow lost the separation between the cliff and the little hillock in the foreground- they look a scree slope. I decided it was best not to mess with it any more cus’ I was fighting a loosing battle there.

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    Nice painting Pete. You have dealt with the rock well. A nice mixture of hard and soft edges makes them look convincing. You’ve remained truer to the photo than I have, and its worked out well for you. The castle is nicely drawn and to scale. Good values throughout your painting.  I like the way you have suggested a few grasses bottom right, nice touch.

    I am pleased you enjoyed painting this one. I think its a worthwhile exercise with lots to be gained in giving it ago.


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    Very nice and i like the rocks, maybe i would have switched the left rocks with the right as the sin is shining in that direction based on the castle.  But overall you have achieved a lovely painting.

    Take time to look and make sure you see.

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    I think this is just beautiful, Pete! I love the loose style and the colors. The buildings are excellent and I do see the hillock as being separated from the cliff. You’ve done a marvelous job with this scene. It’s so great to see such a variety in everyone’s version of this. I have no idea how mine will turn out. Great job! 😀

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    Love this! I haven’t had the time nor courage to try it! Think I love the flowers and grass in the foreground the most although the whole thing is pretty majestic. Think you captured it well!

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    Nicely done–the buildings especially.


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    Lovely painting, Pete! I especially like the washes in the buildings.

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    Fighting a loosing battle:) you made me laugh! Painting wise it’s not bad by all means. I’d give it a shot ones again. You know what to do now. Nice attempt!

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