Anything Goes – Well Almost! Look Who's Turned Up!

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    Hi all

    Hope everyone is keeping well. Some of you may have noticed I’ve been absent for a while.

    It’s good to see posting is still going on and you’re supporting each other in such a positive way. My watercolour painting hit a bit of a wall and I was dissatisfied with my development as an artist. Work was wearing me down and my enthusiasm plummeted for most things.  I decided to stop Patreon even though it was building well. I personally felt I wasn’t giving value for money.  My youtube was growing with many views and comments on videos but I was unable to share the enthusiasm of my subscribers.

    On a more positive note 🙂  I’m currently in Thailand for a couple of months.  My Son Tom who has joined me from Austraila where he’s been working. He plans to continue his traveling into 2019.  I’ve brought all my painting stuff with me, easel, sketchbook, paints and brushes and I’m hoping to find my mojo once again while developing my style. This will be a lot of trial and error in the beginning, if I’m not totally embarrassed by the results you will get to see the results!

    Enjoy the run up to Christmas I feel its totally passing me by out here!

    Best wishes










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    Hi Patrick,

    I’m sorry to hear you hit a low point, but I’m glad to hear from you. Don’t put too much pressure on yourself artistically…life is too short for that. Enjoy your travels (and your painting when you get back to it)!



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    Glad to hear you’re OK and someplace warm for the winter.  Looking forward to seeing your work from there and  resuming teaching your devoted students.

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    Welcome back Patrick.  You have been missed.  😄


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    Sorry to hear you have had a tough time but equally pleased to hear it happens to us all and not just me.  I am moving house currently so art equipment packed but i am struggling too. Hopefully the new house and location will give me a boost in the spring.

    Take time to look and make sure you see.

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    Joy Dix
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    As a newbie to your forum, enjoy your time in the sun (and with your son) and don’t put too much pressure on yourself.   We all hit the wall sometimes but the mojo will return when it’s good and ready and all the sooner if your don’t try and force it.   I’ve enjoyed your videos and your forum participants have made me welcome.   I’ll look forward in hopeful anticipation that you are back to your usual self and painting with us (and for us) on your return.

    Have a good Christmas and New Year,


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    Hi Patrick, great to hear from you and that you are enjoying your travels and enjoying the company of your son.  Agree with the others, dont put pressure on yourself to make paintings, enjoy the time you have and experiences, take photos and a quick pencil sketch and notes and file away for when you get back. You may find on your return flicking through those photos and sketches your mojo will kick in!  Many times I have travelled with all the paints brushes etc and this in itself puts pressure on one and I have not used them.  far better to take nothing and just scribble on the back of an envelope when inspiration takes hold and then create the masterpiece when you are in the right place

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    Its good to hear from you , Patrick. You got me worried. We all miss you here! Happy to know you’re hanging out with your son in Thailand! Enjoy your stay!

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    Patrick, I really so sympathize with where you are right now. I’ve had to change some things around myself lately and it’s tough. But, I do know this: you can’t lose your “mojo.” It’s part of you, who you are. You’ll find inspiration again.

    Here in Michigan, where it’s cloudy most of the winter, some people get what’s called seasonal depression as a result of a lack of sun. And most everybody has low blood levels of vitamin D. Found that out on my last blood draw. Makes sense. A vitamin D supplement brought it back to where it should be. Might be an issue where you live too, if you’re not getting enough sun.

    best wishes,

    Randy Louise

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