Your Watercolour Paintings Little desert sketch

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    I couldn’t resist and bought myself little Arches rough paper block. Never tried one. This one is pretty odd size 3.9″ x 9.8″. I had Igbo for a while could not imagine what could I paint on this wide format. I ended up cropping a photo on my computer just to see what can be done. Naturally for my latest work painting didn’t turn out good. But was interesting to try rough paper. Really liked it. I was afraid I wouldn’t have enough space for sky. But it’s not bad. I eliminated all clouds and did simple 2 color wash.

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    I love this! The white highlights are great!


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    Southwest really is your forte, Alex. Very, very good. I agree with Paula, I always love to see some whites in a painting… Really makes it sparkle. Your new paper gives wonderful texture to your painting. Really adds to the atmosphere of your subject

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    I think this is the best I can remember.  The sky transition is perfect.  The colors are harmonious and the value shift from background to foreground makes a wonder 3-D painting.  So well done.

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    Well, Alex, another successful painting from you.  It has great depth and true desert colors.  The textured paper is perfect for this type of landscape.  Excellent work.

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