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    “Lilies for my sister” – based on an original photograph (mine) – painted on Canson cold press 140 lb.  Started with Ultramarine, Lemon yellow, Cadmium yellow and New gambroge.  Ended up also using Poppy and raw umber and a little Phtalo Green. Brushes were no-name rounds – #2,#5 and maybe #10 (this is a real stray and has no info on it at all).

    I put in the background wash first and was horrified at the blotchy results, and then said “What the heck, it’s only paper!” and went with it.  I grew to love it – reminds me of hammered metal.  This is my largest painting yet 11×11 inches.  While I would like to paint this again and try to loosen it up i’m not sure I can do loose on a flower with such fine and subtle color shifts.  I may be a little to ocd to go there.

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    Striking Painting Dee. The power of blue next to orange is just beautiful. The work in your Lilly is just superb. I would not know where to start to create a flower as beautiful as this.  I think the uneven texture look of the background works beautifully.  We have had some super paintings posted today yours has rounded the day off perfectly. Thanks for posting.


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      Wow, Patrick.  Thanks for your words. Your feedback means a lot to me. I so enjoy watching your painting videos and hearing you talk through your process.  I’ve gotten more bold for your tutoring! Thank you!

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    I echo Patrick’s words.  Its a fantastic painting. As he says the contrasts and textures are beautiful and it will be stunning framed.

    Take time to look and make sure you see.

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    Such bright and happy colors! And great work. I tried painting lilies like these once, but it was so much harder than I thought it would be! You seem to be a natural at it.

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      Hi Agatha,

      It was a LOT harder than I imagined and about 8 hours into it I was thinking “won’t do THAT again!” but I worked on it an hour here and then there and eventually made it to the finish.  Once I painted in all that lemon yellow and left white space, I found I had to paint each petal to completion because it was just too complicated to paint the whole work from light to dark without each petal being well defined.

      Thank you, Brad!  I really appreciate the feedback.

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    Stunning use of complimentory colours and lovely brushwork on the lily markings, so you should be pleased with this

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    This is so beautiful Dee. I love how you’ve handled the textured blue background and allowed the oranges and yellows of the flowers to match the intensity. Just delightful.

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    Wow, Dee, this is so gorgeous! The detail on the petals how one color just seems to flow into the next is just beautiful and so impressive! The colors are so vibrant and your background ended up much more interesting than just a solid blue…happy accident! All your hours of hard work have paid off! 😀

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    Hi Dee,

    Such a vibrant blue!  It makes the lily pop, and it shows the power of negative space.  It’s interesting that you did the background first.  For many artists background is an afterthought. But here it is a major part of the composition. So striking!


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