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    Wolfgang Fuchs
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    hi my watercolor friends,
    today i show you how to copy sketches or pictures.
    i will show you my selfmade lightbox.
    its just a plastik storage box with an clear top and i put an led handlamp inside.
    at the top i put the motive that i want copy and then an pergamentpaper where we wrap our sandwiches.
    then i on the light in the box an i can see well the picture, sketch on the pergament paper.
    i follow the lines with an pen until i have captured the motive.
    after this i bend over the pergament paper and black it with an very soft pencil (2B) special at the lines what i can see.
    then i lay the paper on my drawingpaper with the blackpaintet side on it and i draw the lines with an ballpen.
    after that i have the motive at my drawing paper and can work it out with a pen or ink. then i can paint it with watercolors.

    i hope this will be help and usefull for you too.
    greetings wolfgang.

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    So resourceful, Wolfgang!

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    Tina Sei.
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    Good idea and so simple.

    Don't worry about failures, worry about the chances you miss when you don't even try. (J. Canfield)

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    Patricia L
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    This is great Wolfgang. I wasn’t able to imagine it when you were describing it in chat, but I see now. Nice job.

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    Perfect solution and an inexpensive way of transferring images. Thanks for taking the time to share it with us.


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