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    I wanted to try people along with some shadows after watching a video by Liron Y but probably should have used one of his reference photos so I could compare mine to his.  I think I am missing some really dark values.  People are ok. Shadows not so ok.

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    Good work David. People are hard and take lots of practice. I’m still practicing and need to do a lot more of it. The one on the left in the flowered blouse is my favorite.

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    David, the figures are good!  I agree about the values.  If the people are walking toward the light source, as the shadows indicate, then their backs would would be in deep shadow.  If the light is bright, then the shadows would be a dark contrast.  That being said, you have done much better than I could ever do!


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    Nice painting David! There’s nothing I can suggest differently  than Paula. Value is hard to recreate for me too. Just glaze people over lighly and see what happens.

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    Good painting David, well done for putting in figures and I think Paula’s suggestion will help to pull it all together

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