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    Hi I’m Samantha from Preston, UK. I’ve always had an interest in art ever since school but over the years I have had little time to indulge in this passion due to work commitments. I recently suffered a bad cycling accident so am finding that as I recover I have quite a bit of time on my hands that I want to use to do something creative with and take my mind off my injuries. A few days ago I came across Patrick Ley-Greaves’ videos on YouTube and I have been hooked. I’m so eager to learn and get back into painting.

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    Welcome Samantha, you’ve landed in a great place. We’re a very friendly and supportive bunch from the four quarters of the globe. I look forward to seeing your progress.


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    Hello! Welcome aboard.

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    Brian McC

    Merrymouse said it well

    As a fellow “newbe” Welcome!
    I have been “away” from art for several years and have been frustrated by how “slow” my skill has been coming back …..and then last night as I was going thru the form I realized I had NOT taken advantage of the resources right here on the site….right there at the very top of the page was the “link” to the NEW BEGINNERS SITE.. Duh!!!
    so in addition to doing and posting “Challenges” I’ll be doing the lessons on the new beginners site
    Again. welcome! Glad you are joining us on the journey.
    Brian McC

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    Andy Peters

    Patrick’s You Tube Videos are very addictive, I’ve recently joined and found the welcome amazing. relax and enjoy.

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    Hi Samantha, welcome! You will be painting in no time, look forward to seeing your paintings

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    Welcome, Samantha! Glad to have you join us. As has been said, this is a safe and encouraging place for you to test the water(color) 😉 Post your work whenever you’re comfortable.

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    Hello Samantha. Patrick’s YouTube videos are super. I look forward to seeing your paintings.

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    Hi Samantha Welcome to the site and indeed to the forums, please feel free to post any comments or questions within the forums and when you feel ready to share we would love to see your work.

    Happy Painting

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    Tina Sei.
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    Welcome, Samantha. Hope your recovery goes well and you have a lot of fun ‘playing’ with watercolour.

    Don't worry about failures, worry about the chances you miss when you don't even try. (J. Canfield)

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    Wolfgang Fuchs
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    welcome samantha,
    if you try the weekly or monthly challenges then you can see also how different the other people paint the same theme.
    so any picture is individual and different but you can see what other people made better or they do what you liked to do so you can also ask about the technics and such things.
    greetings wolfgang.

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    Hi Samantha, welcome to the site. I am sure you will enjoy your time here.

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