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    Hi all, after a couple years of not painting I’m trying to get back into it. Having really enjoyed the community feel and friendliness of everyone on Patrick’s site, I’m looking forward to seeing everyone’s work again and hopefully getting some feedback on mine. Attached the first 3 I have done in a while – any suggestions on how to improve them greatly appreciated! They are of the Somerset Levels, Gloucestershire Wildlife park and a ‘rescue at sea’! Thanks, Nick

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    Hi Nick welcome back to PW. You’ve certainly not lost your touch. I particularly like the landscape as you have created a great feel on ariel perspective. You were always able to create interesting subject matter. I’m pleased your painting again and enjoying it.


    Things are a lot quieter at PW these days. Martin has set up his own painting site and I’ve been out of the loop for various reasons. I keep PW running as resources for those that want to revisit work they painted in the past and a place for painters to post their work. I’m gradually getting back into painting after some months off. I spent Christmas and New Year traveling Thailand with my eldest son, it was fantastic I even made a few videos. The heat was a killer when trying to paint outdoors but a few times I managed it.  It’s good to see you back here and I hope you revisit with more of your work.


    Best wishes


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    Nice work Nick after a long break from wc.  Just keep on painting 🙂

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    they look fine to me. Maybe the landscape could be 1/3 or 2/3 sky rather than 1/2 but three very nice , well executed paintings with harmonic colors and nice values

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    Hi Patrick, thanks for your message. Pleased to hear Thailand was such a good trip – the videos are fantastic. Yes, it must have been very hard to paint in the heat. I was delighted to see the site still going, as it is a great place for learning and improving, and I very much enjoyed the ’15min a day’ painting from a while back. Looking forward to getting stuck in again! Hope all is well with you.

    Hi Annette, David, thanks for your comments! Hope all is well.

    Best wishes,


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    Hi nick.  3 great paintings but like Patrick i totally love the landscape.  The lost and found distant hedges really add depth to the painting as Patrick said.  A very nice painting i would love hanging on my wall.

    Take time to look and make sure you see.

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