Your Watercolour Paintings Forest 3 primary sketch

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    I’ve tried for the first time to paint with 3 colors only and I have to say what a joy!

    Anyways. It was close to sunset and there was long stripes of light and shadows. I had maybe 15 minutes to paint. At first I didn’t like how it turned out. It’s just a quick sloppy sketch. But then I saw it from a distance and I thought it was not too bad. I think this could be as an idea for better painting.

    I used Prussian blue, azo yellow and permanent alizarin pr264

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    Well done with only the three colors! The shadow shapes are really nice and you get a feel for the atmosphere even if it is a loose sketch.

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    Very successful with only three colours.

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    I love the the light coming through the trees and the leaves work very well too.

    Patricia Claire

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    Nicely done Alex, such a good thing to paint in only 3 colours, takes the headache out of choosing an appropriate palette for the reference

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    You might like to check out the videos of Erik Lundgren on You Tube. He often uses only three colors.


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    Joy Dix
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    I really like this Alex.     It’s a surprising thing about many of the pictures that inspire the most emotive reaction.  You don’t want to see them close up and examine every minute detail – it’s when you see them from across the room that the magic happens.    In this case it’s when you really feel the depth of the woodland and the rustle of the trees and want to wander in amongst them.   I’d love to see what you do with this as a main painting.

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