Your Watercolour Paintings Eilean Donan castle

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    Bob Hussey
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    I watched Patrick’s video painting this castle. I had to laugh because I kept thinking it was so familiar. And the reason was I had painted it before…badly. My daughter had gone on a UK trip and had sent pics of this castle back. So I gave it another go and think it came out a bit better. Still “nothing to write home about” as we say but not bad. I’ve attached two pics, the first is a quick pencil sketch I did in a small Moleskine and then applied quick washes of color. And then the actual painting is on an Arches cold press block, I think 9×12 inches (23x31cm I think?). I used my daughter’s pics as reference even though it was a gray day with no real light source. I just kind of invented one.

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    Patricia L
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    Bob, your painting is gorgeous. It’s this wonderful balance of highly stylized and very loose. So good. Your colours really pop and the way you’ve blended colours on the buildings in splendid.

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    I think both your sketch and painting is beautiful! Love the white you’ve left to give that sea some sparkle, nice! Love the contrast of the looseness of the land with the more detail of the castle. 😀 Nice work! Write home about it, you should!!!

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    Wow! I can’t point my finger on why, but the second one really draws me in! I’d think so many vibrant and dark colors would not make a great result, but it really just comes straight at you with a blast. Maybe it’s due to the little highlights in the sky and in the grass, which makes everything pop. Oh yeah, and how the mountain in the back is super light and the hill in front of it is very dark. Like the sun is shining really heavily on the further mountain. And maybe also due to the warmth of the castle itself. Well done! I’d love to see more paintings in this style.

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    The pencil sketch has great atmosphere dark and brooding and the second has a more uplifting mood because of the colours used and the sens of light, putting in the figure gives the viewer a sense of scale, good move and well done

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    Nice painting Bob, I love painting that castle it has lovely lines and shapes just calling out to be painted. You have done a great job on your second painting. Warm washes to build up the colors on the Castle then darken the washes to make the shadows stand out. I like it a lot.  Lovely bright greens letting the colors bleed together works well. Finally, the lovely flash of light orange on the horizon draws the viewers eye into the painting.

    Thanks for sharing 🙂


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