Your Watercolour Paintings Eilean Castle – Improved (?)

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    Bob Hussey
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    I posted this painting of Eilean Castle about a month ago. As I said then I had painted this before from a pic my daughter had taken and Patrick’s painting inspired me to try again. I thought I had created a pretty good painting.

    Well, some improvements have been made … by Leo … who is my dog. Seems I left it where he could reach it. Ah, well. Everyone’s a critic!


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    Joy Dix
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    Oh Dear, Bob.   I laughed when I saw this post.   It reminded me of a misadventure I had with a picture some years ago.   I’d painted what I thought was a pretty good picture of the then Bishop of Selby but I left it out of the box where I was keeping all my art stuff in the caravan and a mouse got at it and nibbled a big hole in the Bishop’s neck!

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    Lovely abstract painting  😁

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    Pets can be so naughty! Good thing they’re cute!

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