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    Another Currier & Ives.  In case you don’t know, they were engravers and they produced a  tremendous number of engravings that were often hand colored.

    I am not thrilled with this one but thought I would point out my issues so other artists may benefit from my mistakes.

    Right in the middle is a weird tree which happens to lie right on top of an intersection of snow and trees.  It shouldn’t do that and the snow bank is natural.

    The background evergreens are too dark.  They should be light or mid values.


    The copse of trees on the left is natural.  I really like the negative painting to push the trees forward. That worked but the background green looks very natural.

    The ice is too dark.  I like the sky which is blue and red and yellow.  The ice can probably be darker than the sky but not as dark and somewhat overworked.

    The horses pulling the sledge messed up. They were drawn ok and the first wash looked good but I went too dark .

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    Joy Dix
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    Still nice and Christmassy, David, but I like the other one best.


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    You have certainly captured the C&I look.  Very nice work.

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    I really like this and I would never have noticed the parts that went wrong if you hadn’t mentioned them, but I still think it looks fine. I love the dusky glow of the sky and your figures are really good! This is helping me get into the Christmas spirit. 😀

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