Anything Goes – Well Almost! Copyright question-posting paintings from photos found online

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    I have 3 paintings I’d like to put in forums that I did back in early June when I was a super beginner! Because Patrick had mentioned in a video or two that he once lived in the Isles of Scilly, I looked that up (I’m obsessed with the UK) and painted 3 paintings using photos of taken there as reference, but I don’t know if it’s ok to post them due to copyright issues??

    One is from a Daily Mail article but it looks like they got photo from Alamy,
    One is from Shutterstock-Royalty Free (I don’t even know what that means LOL)
    One is from (some kind of Cornwall guide)

    Just wondered if it’d be okay to post any of them.

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    I tried to figure out how those danish copyright laws work, but i gave up 🙂

    I only post ones from the sites that have free-to-use images, like pxhere and related sites – but i doubt youll get into trouble for posting some sketches, specially if you leave a reference to where you got the photo.

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    Like Casper said, I doubt you’ll get into trouble. I imagine worst case scenario would be that you’re asked to remove them. Is there a policy for PW on this? I’ve never seen this be an issue in here, but I’m not sure if that’s because everyone’s avoiding copyrighted photos, or if no one worries about it. 🙂

    I only use my own photos as reference, or if in lack, I use Pexels, Pixabay etc. In the very beginning though I used Pinterest. Great source for good photos! Sadly, probably not a very good idea legally. They were even some of my best paintings! 😉


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    I use Pixaby. There is a mych better selection on Pinterest but many are reposts so i have no idea of the copyright.

    my understanding is that you can’t paint anything as longas you don’t sell it.  Of course, if it turns out really well and you want to show or sell it, there may be an issue.

    I have shown paintings I’ve done from online tutorials after asking for permission. I only remember one case of not getting permission ( nonresponse) after two requests and it is appropriate to cite the origin.


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    Thanks guys and girl (Agathe 😉 )! I only thought of this because there was a post about it here around 3 months ago and I couldn’t remember what it said about posting, but I did remember it mentioned Pixaby so that’s what I use now.

    I’ll check out Pxhere and Pexels. I love Pinterest, but agree with David on that one. 😉

    Ok I’ll go ahead and post them. They’re not masterpieces. But just some early days practice. 🙂

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    I agree with others I wouldn’t worry Lora. I don’t think anyone could be that petty to worry to much about that.

    Looking forward to seeing them.



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