Your Watercolour Paintings Cheap paper test

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    I’ve got a sheet of canson monval torchon paper just to test. (It was 2.99$ for a imperial sheet)  I felt it would be kinda similar to moleskine. And it is. It’s not cotton paper as well. But after painting a few test scenes it has interesting qualities. It’s not absorbent, it stays longer wet when you lay wet on dry wash. (important for me in dry climate). If you like to lift this is good news for you. Another thing I liked it’s that color stays vibrant on top of the surface and doesn’t seep in and become  dull. Not that I’d use this paper regularly but it’s interesting experience. I think it would produce interesting effects with multiple light value washes wet on dry.

    Thanks for looking. Patrick is back! That’s existing. I don’t know how about you guys but I’ve been waiting for him to be back.

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    I really like this one of the gorge, all the colors and contrast. I’m totally in agreement on the cheap paper. I really hate it, like starting out at a deficit. It is good for lifting, but on the same point, the pigments never seem to really sink in making layering and glazing impossible ( for me )

    I can imagine it’s very difficult to keep your paper wet in the desert climate. I’m sure you use a spray bottle. Do you use a non-absorbent board to clip your paper to, like gatorboard ( I think ) if you wet the board and then put your paper down in the wet surface, then wet  the paper, that helps to keep your paper wetter longer. I’m also going to try glass soon as the demonstrations I’ve watched look promising.

    Stephen Quiller does a lot of plein air painting in the desert climates of Colorado and Utah and is always giving moisture tips. I’m pretty sure he has videos on YouTube and lots on artistsnetwork.

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