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    Wolfgang Fuchs
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    hello my watercolorfriends,
    today i show you my brushmap.
    its original a bamboomap for make sushi,
    but i put some rubber band for trousers in it to hold my brushes.
    cheap and easy.

    to clean my brushes i use curd soap.
    i wet the brush and take the soap like the watercolor and then i wash over my palm so the soap can become to foam. then i clean the brush wish clear water an do this again until the foam dont change the color.
    importand is that also the point where the brush is fixed becomes clean because there will be the most color.
    i clean my brushes every 2 or 3 month with the soap.
    after cleaning the brush will be again in a good shape.
    greetings wolfgang.

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    Looks great, Wolfgang! You can just roll it up and go!

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    I like it!

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    Nice idea… but can’t help to wonder what you do about your trousers then 🙂

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    Another great DIY project!

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    Patricia L
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    This is a good way to keep brushes organized. You could even roll it up and take it out to paint outside.

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