Your Watercolour Paintings Autumn Tree after Geoff Kersey

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    Good evening all. My effort this time is my practice of a tree

    ( following Geoff Kersey) I painted a tree a week or so ago and it was a disaster so I set out to practice painting trees. On this occasion I bought a book by Geoff Kersey and this is one of those.

    i am quite pleased with the outcome but it’s not like watching a video where you get to see it live and can see the mixes.

    i will say now though that there is so much free content out there, thanks Patrick, that I must stop spending.

    i was/am taken in by everything I read/watch and now have more brushes, paints, paper, pallets  etc than Jackson’s. I also subscribed monthly to several sites and magazines and I can’t paint for God’s sake.

    SO, I have decided to end all my subscriptions and use what’s made available freely by all those wonderful people.

    Purewatercolour is my go to site hence joining in be it a a little later than I should have and hope to make many friends on my Watercolour journey.

    Thank you all.


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    Lovely painting!  Agree, concentrate on using the materials you have and practice!

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    Howard W
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    Jim, I am pleased that you are posting your paintings.  Keep them coming.  Best wishes.

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    You’ve painted an interesting gnarly tree using few colors which are very nice.  I, too, have acquired too many paints and other materials and have found that they confuse me. Too many choices, especially for a Libra, who cannot make up her mind,  glad you gphave signed on with Patrick,  watch his tutorials on using a limited pallet.  They are quite helpful and you can always begin adding additional colors from your stash,  Enjoy.

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    Yes, you have really struck a chord there! It is so tempting to think that a new colour/book/paintbrush is the answer to painting well, when I now think the real answer is to just paint lots and learn through your achievements. This site is really helpful too. Great to see your paintings here and I like your sunny tree.

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    Best wishes from me too. It’s a wonderful time of year to be painting trees. I wish you many happy hours.

    Patricia Claire

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    Nice to see you’ve posted some work Jim. Lovely painting.  As you know watercolour painting is not about how much money you can throw at it, it’s just about practice and experimentation. Engaging with others and sharing your work is a great way to improve your skills.  Thanks for joining in and sharing your work with us.



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