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    Hello artists.  Hope everyone had  a wonderful Christmas celebration.  Always a busy time of year so art gets pushed aside.   Soon we will begin a new year and it’s time to think about your Resolutions.  Dust off those brushes, organize your paints  and resolve to make time for painting.  That’s my goal.  .   Let’s keep Patrick’s website busy with lots of postings.

    Happy New Year to all.


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    Happy New Year!!

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    Happy new year and good health to everyone

    Take time to look and make sure you see.

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    I’m totally with Carol on this. Dear members, old and new, stop coming up with BS excuses and get paining!

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    Brian McC

    When I signed in tonight it opened to a post I put up a year ago..Titled “coming back to art”.. The welcome I received was wonderful as was the ongoing  support to the work I showed….and then it happened again!.  I allowed “stuff” to get in the way of my art AGAIN.  All of which reached a peak in July when my wife and I had our 2 year old grandson placed with us. Wife qualifies for “Sr. Discount”  and I’m 77.. He is still with us and will be till at least June..I still need to take care of ME and that means art!!  I an committed to at least 15 minutes a day at least 5 days a week.  The Ideal is to do a sketch / painting a day, IN  15 minutes…I know I can do a decent sketch in that time..My goal is to keep this commitment to myself, which means “PERFECTION has no place!! I got 9 in 10 days and lost it again.  today begins a new cycle.Its 8:50 PM and I will have one done by time I go to bed.

    I join AlexK and Carol . Falling off the Bike does NOT mean giving up riding.

    I am so glad you are all still here


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    Its raining today but I am leaving in a few minutes to join my painting group and thinking of redoing my Brooklyn Bridge but making the background looser without windows as Alex suggested.

    I found a new (to me) YouTube poster a few days ago.  Its Cafe Watercolor.  I haven’t tried painting along yet but I like the style.

    I would like to see some postings by other PW users.  Its been a great resource and I hate it when I come here and see nothing new.

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      Hi David. About Windows:) my dad use to be a huge fan of little brush. I finally went to visit him first fine in last 2 years. Brought him some oil painting brushes and not a single one of them small. That got him pretty excited to paint. And slowly getting away from painting small things. I guess we just can’t help ourselves to not paint something we can clearly see. I’m having hard time to avoid painting too many cracks in rock formations. I just can’t imagine not to paint them. They are there right?:)

      its good to have you here David!

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