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Dunnottar Castle Scotland – Watercolour On 140lb Hot Pressed Paper. — 4 Comments

  1. Thanks so very much for this short video of Dunnottar Castle. For me, it has been one of your most useful – and as I find all your videos very instructive, that is saying something! The reasons I like it are: It is a very simple composition and it is immediately obvious what all the elements are. You don’t need much skill to draw 2 towers and the gable end of the church and then paint the cliff, sea and sky. There is so much scope for letting go and trying to paint loosely knowing that pretty much anything is going to look reasonably like ruins, cliff, sky and sea!

    It was very useful to see your palate and how you got your main washes ready before you started, and how watery they were. Really wet into wet – but wet next to wet, not on top of wet! This really was an eye opener. And then came the shadow shapes over the top. It’s a real art to be able to give shapeless marks meaning – and to make the shapeless marks varied. My only criticism is that you jumped over what you did with the face of the big cliff; suddenly there were all these fascinating shadows and amazing, bold imaginative colours as you completed the picture.
    Thanks again for this video. I am having huge fun working with it and will post a version I am reasonably happy with, hopefully during next week.

  2. Sorry for the late reply Patricia. I am pleased you found the video useful. I have read your post with interest. And I look forward to seeing your finished painting posted in the forum should you choose too.

    Thanks again for your comment.


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